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iKydz is available online and various retail outlets.

iKydz currently operates in 28 countries around the world including USA, Bolivia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Pakistan, Ireland, Australia, Philippines, Argentina, Germany, Sweden and Denmark. Please note that we currently only have an English version of the app available.

iKydz is a simple plug and play smart device that plugs into your existing router. This automatically creates a second, safe iKydz network for your kids. You download an easy-to-use app to your phone and now you can manage all the devices connected to your iKydz network.

iKydz lets you control all your internet connected devices on your household broadband connection with one iKydz smart device and app. iKydz is compatible with any device – phones, tablets, PCs, laptops, smart TVs, and any other device that can be connected to your wifi network. Combined with our unique Mobile solution (due for release September 2018), iKydz provides total internet control for parents.  

Reduce the risk of cyber-bullying, online grooming and access to unsafe and dangerous content by managing and controlling your kids’ devices.

No. iKydz is a separate, safe network servicing your children’s devices only. If a child attempts to tamper with or unplug the iKydz smart device, they will only succeed in disrupting their own internet access.

No. iKydz has been designed to work independently of the existing home network and will not affect the speed of any existing services including alarm system, TV service or IOT devices. iKydz connects to the ethernet port on your router and immediately creates an “IKYDZ safe network” to which your children’s devices connect. This network and the restrictions applied by the parent only affects the connected devices. We use the router purely to connect these devices to the internet when appropriate.

iKydz can manage any internet capable device including laptop or desktop computers (both PC and Mac), tablets, smart phones (iOS, Android, Windows), internet gaming devices such as Microsoft XBox© and Sony Playstation© or any Smart TV.

iKydz will release iKydz Mobile Service on the 1st September 2018 which will allow Parents to control mobile devices when they connect to 3G/4G.

iKydz will enable you to manage up to 243 internet connected devices on your home network. In our experience, each home has an average of 7 to 8 children’s devices.

Yes, iKydz works with any router. This is one of the many reasons that makes iKydz unique in the marketplace.

Once you have completed the registration process, your children can connect all their devices to the iKydz network using the default password. Once they have done this, you will see them listed in ‘Wifi Devices’ on the iKydz App and Customer Portal.

If all blocks and filters are applied to the highest level, there may be a slight slow down in the child’s internet speed however this is extremely minimal and your child will not even notice it. 

Yes, you can. iKydz only needs to be connected to a router via a LAN Port and have access to the Internet for it to function.

iKydz blocklists are identified sites which contain content relating to pornography, or other unsafe sites. Updates are provided by a third party service provider which in turn are delivered daily to your iKydz smart device.

Yes. All iKydz blocklists are automatically updated daily. You do not have to do anything. We do it all for you.

Once your child’s device is connected to the iKydz home wifi network, all content is automatically filtered by Google Safe Search© , so your children are safe to search to the internet using Google, Bing, YouTube etc. Unlike other solutions, the iKydz SafeSearch is totally tamperproof and cannot be removed, so your kids are protected at source.

iKydz also provides parents with the ability to enable adult content blocking on individual devices. This is really important, because although SafeSearch prevents kids from accidentally seeing inappropriate content, it will not stop someone directly accessing adult content by typing a specific URL into their search bar, such as www.xxx.com. iKydz has the answer with its Adult Content blocklist, which is updated daily and which parents can apply to certain or all devices.

iKydz allows you to create schedules for all or individual devices. As a rule of thumb, the ‘From’ time is when you want the restriction to begin and the ‘To’ time is when you wish the restriction to be removed. These can be set for time of day and you can repeat for the days of the week.

A Schedule that, for example, you have set to restrict internet access or social media site access, might come into effect at 18:00 and be removed at 21:00 every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. So, this Schedule will ensure that internet access is off from 18:00 to 21:00. So, between 18:00 and 21:00 any device that you have applied the Schedule to will have no internet access or no access to social media sites, depending on what you have set the Schedule to block.

The iKydz Customer Portal is your own Accounts area and another secure location where you can manage many of the functions that you already have access to on the iKydz app, such as scheduling, blocking, restricting, etc. Plus you can remove a device from the app entirely (such as a TV or a parent’s device).

There are 2 options:

  • You can go to the customer portal login page and click on the ‘Reset Pin’ link. Or follow this link https://customerportal-v2.ikydz.com/user/resetpw. You then enter your email address and press ‘Send Reset Pin link’. You will then receive a link to reset your pin in your email.
  • You can go to the iKydz App and click on the line ‘Forgotten your login details?’ This will take you to another page on your App which allows you to enter your email address. Once you have done that, you can press the ‘Send Reset Pin Link

If you have changed service provider or just changed your router, your iKydz unit should connect straight away. If you find there is no internet access on the iKydz network, simply reboot by plugging out the power cable for 15 seconds and plug back in again. Normal service should be restored then.

Firstly, on the child’s device, select the network within WiFi settings. Select the option to ‘Forget this network‘. Once this is done, connect the child’s device to the iKydz wireless network now available in your home. As an additional step, it is recommended that you change the existing wireless password on your router, in case your child knows the password. Please note that you will need to change the password on your own devices once you have changed this, so that you can remain connected to your existing network. Please refer to our iKydz Tutorials section for further assistance.

The curious nature of our children can often provide them with snippets of information which could lead them to open up a browser and input a specific URL, for example www.xxx.com. Entering web addresses like this is a request to the internet to return a specific site and cannot be stopped by SafeSearch, as it is not a search. iKydz Adult Content block list is designed to stop this request getting a response from the internet. Combined with our integrated SafeSearch, this makes iKydz the best internet safety solution available today.

Sometimes, when you first connect your gaming consoles (such as a PS4 or XBox) to the iKydz network, it doesn’t appear to have internet connectivity. This is a DNS issue with the gaming console, where it is remembering the settings from its previous connection to your home WIFI.

The simplest way to resolve this is to connect the PS4 or other gaming console to the iKydz network, then turn off the PS4 and switch it back on again. This clears the original DNS settings and it should then resolve properly to the iKydz network.

Alternatively, you can change the DNS settings on the PS4 (or other console) to This will then resolve correctly to the iKydz network.

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