iKydz Internet Safety

Trouble Shooting Tips

How do I access the iKydz network?

After you plug in and connect the iKydz unit to your router the iKydz network will be created. You can find this by going to the Wifi Network icon on your PC or the WiFi setting on your tablet. Select IKYDZ from the list and enter the password ikydzwifi when requested. Press Connect.

iKydz Mki
If you have model MK-1;

Where do I enter ?

Type into the URL/Address bar at the top of your browser's screen. Note: Do NOT enter it into the search line at the centre of the Google home page

I'm connected to the iKydz but I cannot get to to register?

Please check you are connected via WIFI to the iKydz network. Do you have a WIFI range extender installed in your house?

If so, please turn off and then try to connect again and register. Once iKydz registration is complete you can turn back on the range extender.

Keep kids safe online with iKydz Home Internet Safety
If you have model MK-2;

Why does the registration page not appear automatically?

Ensure that all cables are connected correctly. The ethernet cable must be plugged into the WAN port of the iKydz unit and into the LAN/Ethernet port of the main router of the house.

All cables are connected correctly but still no registration page, what now?

Ensure that you are connected to the iKydz network. If the registration page does not show automatically, then open your web browser and in the address bar type 'https://register.ikydz.com'. If you have a range extender or other LAN devices connected to your router, unplug them. Once registration of your iKydz unit is complete, you can then re-connect your other LAN Devices and range extenders.

I have completed the registration page, but nothing is happening?

After entering your registration details, iKydz downloads its software to the iKydz unit. Depending on your broadband speed this may take a few minutes. When the download is complete, the iKydz unit will reboot - this may take another minute. Be patient - it is important to allow this time for iKydz to fully initialise.

There is only one light showing on the iKydz Home unit. / iKydz network is not broadcasting. What do I do?

When this happens, you can try these couple of options; Power issue – There is a possibility that there is not enough power going to the iKydz unit or there is a fault in the USB Port of the router. Simply power the iKydz unit using a USB Adaptor plug. This should resolve the issue. Possible fault in the ethernet cable or LAN Port of the router – Try a different ethernet cable and also try a different LAN Port of the main router of the house. If the problem persists then you can contact us at support@ikydz.com

I have completed registration, my app is telling me that my unit is online, however I cannot see any devices?

Occasionally, a unit registers correctly however the application download does not complete correctly. Firstly, check if you can get to the registration page again by typing in the browser address bar..

'' for Model MK-1

OR 'https://register.ikydz.com' for Model MK-2

You should get a thank you page which means your registration is complete. At this point, please turn off the iKydz controller for approximately 2 minutes and back on again. The download should complete when the unit checks in with the iKydz servers. If the registration page is blank, please complete and register again.

I have completed registration but cannot see any devices on the My Devices screen?

Check the WiFi Network icon on your PC/Tablet. Ensure that your device is connected to IKYDZ network. If not, connect again. Your PC/Tablet should now appear as a connected device on the My Devices screen. Note - it will take a few moments for any device to connect and register with iKydz when it connects to the IKYDZ network.

I have set up a schedule/blocklist, but it is not working on my device(s)

Schedules and blocklists must be assigned to each device separately. You do this by clicking onto the 'My Devices' page, choose a device and add your schedules/blocklists. This is to allow you to control each device uniquely. For example, you may wish to restrict access to certain social media sites for a younger child, but you are happy to allow an older teenager to have free access. Likewise, sleep time and study time will likely be different for children of different ages.

My children's devices are connected to IKYDZ wifi - how do I identify them uniquely?

We recommend that first time around you add your devices to IKYDZ one by one. As each comes online you should rename them for ease of use. You do this by changing the device name on the screen or via the App by tapping on the name and typing the meaningful name you wish to use, e.g. Jane's iPad, Michael's Phone.

I have set up a schedule for my child's phone, but he is still accessing the Internet

Your child may have disconnected from IKYDZ WiFi network and is using your home network. To prevent this, you need to change the WiFi password on your home network. Remember, you will also need to reconnect your own devices that are using the home network when the password is changed. Also make sure that the schedules you created, have been applied to your children's devices.