Teenagers and kids who spend more time online are less happy.

It is not a new topic but it is an extremely hot topic right now. Teenagers, Children, Social Media, Smartphone Addiction, Technology, Depression….; these are all words that we seem to be hearing in the news on a daily basis and they are all linked.

As a Parent/Guardian, do you feel like you have control over the Internet usage in your home? If the answer is no, let iKydz help you protect your children online.

A recent iKydz report based on actual usage data shows that the national average of time spent online in Ireland is 5.5 hours per day. Given that our children are already in school for close to 6 hours a day, our data shows that they may be spending far too long in front of a screen at home.

The team at iKydz recognises that governments throughout the world appear to struggle to identify the best course of action concerning children’s safety online and, as a result, rely heavily on either their local Internet Service Provider’s or global corporations such as Google© or Facebook©, to provide guidance or support.

Many parents are aware of the risks associated with unregulated access to internet content as a danger to their children. However, parents sometimes lack the technical skills required to install, configure, manage and monitor often complex internet access control solutions.

In contrast, iKydz is a simple plug and play solution that is easily used via a mobile app on parents’ phones.

How can iKydz help parents with teenagers?

ikydz offers a powerful, highly flexible, yet very simple out-of-the-box, plug and play solution that is easily used via a mobile app.

The real innovation behind ikydz is that it is a single unit that controls all devices connected to the router on a home network without the need for any hardware or software to be installed on each individual device. There is software on the market that can be installed on mobile devices such as smart phones, but in practice, this is more often than not, made redundant as tech savvy kids simply uninstall the software.

iKydz allows parents to

  • Block and filter content
  • Block social media apps
  • Schedule or restrict internet access
  • Schedule social media access
  • Shutdown internet for specific devices
  • View online history
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