Safer Internet Week 2021 has generated a lot of information about the ‘Why’ you need an infrastructure within your home environment which gives you high level of safety and security over the internet. The fact that internet usage has increased exponentially amongst children and youngsters requires a system which eliminates any kind of overuse or misuse of the internet which can lead to Internet Addiction and adds a new meaning to safe internet usage.

A system which creates a structure to the online presence not only creates healthy internet habit but also proceeds to a balanced lifestyle. To achieve all this, the said system needs to be highly secure, easy-to-use, and cost-effective and iKydz Parental Service brings you the exact infrastructure you need.

iKydz is an Award-Winning Internet Parental Control service which enables you to manage & control internet access for an unlimited number of devices including phones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs & game consoles, VR set etc., and helps you to pave a path of healthy internet habits for your children and youngsters.

This service uses a revolutionary technology which works on any device and any network and can be a managed via a user-friendly mobile application which is installed on the parent phone.

The iKydz Service comprises of two major features – One to grant you parental control within your home and the other one to supervise the internet usage outside of your home.

In the Home

The iKydz Smart Device in form of router is connected to your main network router. This can be set up and installed via the iKydz Parental Control App on the parent phone. Once installed, the iKydz device creates a new secure network to which you can connect all your kids’ devices such as mobile phones, laptops, PCs, tablets, gaming consoles etc. This iKydz network acts as a filter to your main network and this filter can be controlled by the app.

On the Go

This feature is an upgrade to your home environment which gives you the same level of internet supervision and control even if the kids are outside of the iKydz Network Coverage. Children have access to their cellular data and any other open Wi-Fi networks, and they can connect to these networks for internet access.

To solve this obstacle, the ‘On the Go’ feature of the iKydz service installs the iKydz Child App on your child’s mobile phone and gives you control over the internet access outside of the iKydz Wi-Fi network. In this way, no matter which network they are on, you can always supervise, control, and regulate your child’s online media usage with the iKydz App.

iKydz Smart Devices

iKydz Smart Devices are state-of-the-art network routers which are robust and effective and can support the network needs of any household irrespective of the structural size. iKydz brings you two types of routers to assist your house design and structure.

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iKydz Wi-Fi – This router gives you a 300 MBPS transmission rate with a 2.4 GHz frequency. It also comes with one LAN port to connect devices directly for a wired connection such as a Smart TV, Gaming Consoles etc., to create an efficient and effective network. You can connect any number of devices to this router and supervise and control the internet usage on them via the iKydz app.

iKydz Wi-Fi Pro – This router is designed for larger household as it has external antennas for greater range across your house. This device is perfect for households with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies on their main networks as the iKydz router emits both frequencies. It has a 1GB transmission rate and holds 2 LAN ports for wired devices. You can connect any number of devices to this router and supervise and control the internet usage on them via the iKydz app.

iKydz Smart App

With the iKydz app, you have control over your child’s device whether it is ‘In the Home’ or ‘On the Go’. It is a user-friendly, noncomplex app compatible with both Android & iOS devices and enables you to set up schedules for internet usages, manage the content the kids can access to and enable kids to inculcate healthy internet habits.

The iKydz Smart Device is associated with your iKydz account via your app and with a few clicks on the app you can create a safe and secure internet environment within your house and your child’s devices.

The features of this Parental Control suite are unparalleled, and it is the most cost-effective service in the market. Apart from all the incredible features this service hold, the USP of this service which makes it stands out s the ethos behind the service.

iKydz enables parents to be their child’s guardian angel in the realms of the online paradigm. Supervision can be challenging especially when you don’t want your kids to feel like they are spied on. iKydz helps you to have a mutual level of supervision where the parents know that the kids are not overusing or misusing the internet and the children know exactly why.

So, to sum up, to have an industry level, high-tech and highly ethical parental supervision over the internet usage, you do not have to invest any high capital and you don’t have to do any snooping around your child’s devices. This ‘Plug and Play’ service gives you the best features of internet supervision without any complexity and is easy on your pocket.

With iKydz award-winning internet controls you can:
• Filter content
• Schedule online access
• Block unsuitable websites and apps
• Apply restrictions to YouTube
• Block or manage access to social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat
• Manage access to online games such as Fortnite, Roblox and Minecraft.

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