What would you do if your children were addicted to their devices?

Mother of two, Kirstie Allsop, made the decision to destroy her sons iPads after they refused to stop playing Fortnite and PUBG.

“In June I smashed my kids’ iPads, not in a violent way. I actually banged them on the table leg” she told the stunned audience at Jeremy Vine’s TV show.

“We had made all sorts of rules and all sorts of times when we said you can’t play them and all those rules got broken and in the end I said, ‘Right that is it. I have to physically break them.” While we understand your frustration Kirstie, you could’ve just bought Ikydz.

But let’s face it, we’ve all been there. You could communicate with your children until you’re blue in the face, about the negative effects of excessive screen time or the dangers of being online and maybe even set some rules but, at the end of the day, they are children and they like their devices, way too much.

Kirstie Allsop smashed her kids’ iPads out of frustration…

Maybe iKydz might have been a better solution?

Unfortunately, we are responsible for our children’s addiction to devices and it begins at an early age. Toddlers can be demanding and sometimes we need a break, so what do we do? We put smartphones or tablets in their little hands and expose them to unsuitable pop-up ads or violent games, just so we can have a few minutes peace. As they grow they enter the world of online gaming and social media, which influences their social and emotional development and exposes them to cyberbullying and online predators.

68% of 8-13 year olds own their own smartphone

As parents, it is our duty to take control, and establish boundaries for our children. Parental internet controls, such as Ikydz, makes it very easy for us to do this. It allows us to filter content, set restrictions to websites of our choice, schedule internet access and monitor our children’s online habits. If  your kids ever get their Ipads back Kirstie, give us a call. To purchase Ikydz click here.

Read Kirstie Allsop’s full article for the Daily Mail.

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