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Protecting Kids Of All Ages On The Internet

iKydz offers families a solution to those troublesome worries about internet safety, internet content and internet addiction.

No matter the age of your child.

Why do I need iKydz for Internet Safety?

First of all, you have Internet Safety on your home router, why should you purchase iKydz? Well, we believe that every parents job is to look after their child and keep them safe. When you get into your car, do you make sure you have your seatbelt on before driving off? Does your child automatically put their seatbelt on too? We’re guessing,  (and hoping) the answer to that is yes. 

Do you remember a time when you could just hop into a car and off you go without thinking about the consequences of no seat belt? Well look at this time and compare it to the current era. 

The Internet, (like a car) is a wonderful invention which opens up tonnes of possibilities. When you got a car you could drive to school, work, over to a friends house. This is the same with the Internet. You can work, socialise with friends, educate yourself and so much more. However, if you are not safe, the Internet can (again, like a car) be extremely dangerous. 

As a result, children with unrestricted access to the Internet are at risk of so many dangers. Kids are innocent, they are curious and they are savvy! A child knows how to unlock your smartphone and use YouTube before they are able to string a full sentence together. 

So, as a parent know you what type of nasties are out there on the world wide web, the same way you know that there are dangerous drivers on the road! You wouldn’t send your child out in a car without making sure they are safe first. Don’t give them unrestricted access to one of the most powerful tools on the planet. 

Protect your children with iKydz. 

Parents and kids using laptop in living room

Young Kids

Parents of young kids are mainly concerned about their kids being exposed to things that they just shouldn’t see. This usually happens by accident, as your child innocently browses the web or watches YouTube.
Getting iKydz in to your home while your kids are young is a great way to set the ground rules for internet usage at an early stage. As a result of early implementation of Internet safety regulations, this greatly reduces headaches for parents and later arguments down the line.

Keep kids safe online with iKydz Internet Safety Keeping Brothers and sister using electronic devices while slouching on sofa at home, safe!


In this new age of technology, kids of all ages need access to the web for basic schooling and other activities.
Balancing your urge to protect your kids and their need for a little bit more freedom and independence is always a challenge.
iKydz’s flexible parental internet control software lets you give your pre-teen their freedom whilst setting some agreed boundaries that all children need. Again, avoiding headaches and arguments down the line!

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Teenage years are about pushing for independence. Use iKydz to work with your teenager to help them get to where they want to be. iKydz for Teenagers is designed to help them reach their goals by setting limits on the distractions of social media, gaming and other online activities. Hours wasted on devices which could be used in other more productive ways. With iKydz implemented for teenagers, you eliminate the risks of distraction, set boundaries in place and reduce the risk of your child mental health being affected from too much screen time.