• iKydz for Teenagers

    Help your teenager to limit access to social media & improve study habits

iKydz for teenagers

Teenagers are often not given the credit they deserve. But sometimes, a little parenting help is needed when it comes to removing the study distraction that online time can cause. Studies have shown that constant interruption from social media leads to lower grades. Open a dialogue with you teenagers about how they can use iKydz to remove study and exercise distractions. And help them to get to where they want to go. Check out how our customers use iKydz to help them parent their kids' time online, not to mention making sure their kids are safe if they're on a night out with friends.


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Why use iKydz for Teenagers?

Here are some of the reasons why iKydz is a great tool to help you and your teenager to apply some discipline to their study or other routines.

Block Apps

Use our standard blocks to prevent or limit access to social media, chat rooms or other apps, such as Instagram, Facebook, Yellow, Simsimi, Tinder, WhatsApp and a host of others.

Block Websites

Use our iKydz Global Block Lists to block content such as Adult, Gaming, Violence & Gambling.

Location Tracking

When you start giving your kids a little more independence, it is still good to know where they are. If your teenager is on a night out, it always helps parents to know that they can find their kids in case of emergencies. Ease the worry with iKydz.

Panic Alert

Set a geographical boundary outside of which your child cannot go. If they do go outside that boundary, you will receive an alert.

Monitor Internet Use

Monitor how long your kids spent online and what they spent their time viewing using our Reporting tool.

Schedule Online Access

Easily set daily or weekly schedules for when your children are allowed to be online.

Shut off the Internet

Use our Mealtime button to give your kids a break from the Internet; shuts down for 30 minutes and then it automatically turns back on.

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