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Parent Reviews

Sandra, Melbourne, Australia. Mum of 2.

Sandra, from Melbourne, Australia, explains her iKydz story.

Sandra is a mum of 2, and got iKydz when she realised that she wasn’t doing enough to protect her kids online.

Sandra’s story is similar to that of many iKydz parents. We all think that our kids will be fine without any online controls or boundaries. But when you see what schools are doing to protect kids, you realise that sometimes our online parenting skills fall short at home.

Erica, Wicklow, Ireland. Mum of 3.

Erica is a mum of 3 kids of varying ages. She tells us about how a simple and innocent search phrase that was put in by her 9 year old yielded some unsavoury results! It was this that prompted her to buy iKydz.

Erica tells us about how she uses iKydz to help her manage her kids’ online time.

It is great to see the different iKydz functionality being used for all ages of children, young and not-so-young! And nice to hear that iKydz is giving Erica peace of mind to know that her kids are protected online.

Mark, Wales. Grandfather of 2.

Mark is a grandfather to 2 boys and decided to get iKydz to make sure that his tech-savvy grand-kids were not exposed to unsuitable content when online in their grandparents’ house.

Mark points out that children are much more familiar with technology than their parents and grandparents. It was important for him to have an easy-to-use product like iKydz available to him. Using iKydz, Mark can apply controls to his grand-kids’ internet use in his home. It gives him peace of mind that they are protected under his watch.

Taking a lead from his Dad, Mark’s son has also bought iKydz and uses it in his home also. Like father, like son!

“I got the iKydz unit last week and the set up was a piece of cake, except for the fact that all devices in the house are named after my husband Jim in sequential order. I think we keep Apple in business! Once I figured out the relevant ones, we were good to go”
Cathy – Arizona, USAParent review
"I just downloaded the app to my phone and from there set some basic schedules, which I have rarely needed to change. Even when their friends come round, their devices automatically appear on the ikydz app and we can apply the same controls there. So no borrowing of their friends' devices! A perfect fit for my family".
Eugene – Dublin, IrelandParent review
"I had been using the timed access control in my router but when I saw the added filtering and scheduling benefits of the iKydz system I was sold. "
Jeffrey – Chicago, USAParent review
"Brilliant device. Makes it very easy when controlling restrictions on kids tablets, etc. So easy to use."
Mandy – IrelandParent review
"Really effective and very easy to install and use. I have peace of mind now knowing that my kids are protected when using the Internet."
Gillian Kennedy – Wicklow, IrelandParent review
“I have two children of varying ages. iKydz allowed me tailor individual content levels and schedules like nothing before - great product."
Sandra – Melbourne, AustraliaSatisfied Customer
"Great product. It gives me full control of what and when the kids are online at home. it also allows me to see what a and for how long the kids are online. The "Meal Time" button on the App is a gift. One click and the wifi is off. No more social media at the dinner table!!!"
Jose Poveda – IrelandParent review