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Yubo App For Kids
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Yellow App is now Yubo

Did you know Yellow is now Yubo?

Did you know that Yellow app is now Yubo? The app, which has been named as “Tinder for Kids”, has rebranded and is now under a new name.

The app is wildly popular among young people and teens however it’s features are quite scary when it comes to keeping our kids safe online. There are a number of options within the app that makes connecting with strangers seem so normal and easy.

How Does Yubo Work?

Upon log in, you are asked to upload a photo with an easy option to take a selfie. You’re then asked for your name, age and it automatically detects your location if your GPS is on. Once this is done, you are shown how to connect with people by swiping either right or left. 

If a person swipes right on your profile, it’s a match and then you can begin conversation.

Your “interests” are set automatically within settings, meaning the app will display people who it “recommends you to connect with”! 

Chatting with strangers

The simplicity of  beginning conversations with strangers on this app is not the only scary thing. There are options for viewers to view your Instagram profile with just a click of a button.

This means if your child has an instagram profile and uploads photos of themselves, your family and their friends, then anyone on the Yubo app can also view them.

Block this app with iKydz

If you are an iKydz customer, simply go into the block lists option in your dashboard and block this site from your child’s devices. If you are not an iKydz customer, we recommend that you take a look on your children’s devices and if you see this app installed, uninstall it and explain the dangers to your children. Be aware that it will be easy for your child to reinstall the app without our iKydz controls in place.

The app has age restrictions however you only need to be 13 to join. This is still extremely young for children to be exposed to such a mature style of communication. The “online dating” style of how the app is built along with the GPS settings means that children are at risk of being exposed to the wrong audience.

You can find out more about iKydz and how to protect your children from unsafe apps here: www.ikydz.com or you can purchase your device here: