Your child’s social media use could effect them in the future.

As a child, making mistakes and learning from them is part of growing up. However, social media makes it extremely difficult for children to move on from their past mistakes. When someone posts something online, its there forever. Even if its a negative comment you made 10 years ago on MySpace, it can come back to haunt you, having a negative impact on your future.

Youtuber Jack Maynard suffered the consequences when old tweets resurfaced online after his entrance into the ‘Im A Celebrity’ jungle. He had tweeted racist, homophobic and nasty comments in his early teens, and  was removed from the jungle when the tweets were brought to light. Although he was a young teen when posting these tweets, he was still branded a racist, homophobic bully. These old and immature tweets destroyed his TV career.

Another YouTube star who suffered the consequences of old tweets was Beauty Vlogger Laura Lee. She was involved in an internet scandal which revealed old racist, homophobic and fat-shaming tweets. Lee was subject to vicious comments online when these tweets surfaced, and as a result of the them she lost over  500,000 followers. She also lost out on business opportunities like brand deals, make-up deals etc.

Jack Maynard and Laura Lee are two examples of what can happen when your old social media posts can re-surface. Unfortunately, there are many more cases of people losing out on business opportunities because of their old social media posts. Children and Teenagers often don’t think of the consequences of their words before posting online. Many employers look at applicants’ social media pages when hiring new staff. What you have posted on your account will effect job opportunities in the future.

Children are too immature to understand the consequences of what they post online. They might think that what they post is harmless, funny or irrelevant. But it can destroy their career prospects in the future. It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure their children are mature enough to use social media sites, and understand the consequences of posting on the internet.

Our Advice

Our advice to parents dealing with children online is to monitor their internet usage, restrict and block sites when necessary, and limit time spent online. It is important to speak to your child about social media, and how their posts can effect their future. We advise parents to make decisions about what apps and websites their child has access to, and how often they use these sites. With iKydz, you can choose what sites your child has access to, when they can access it and for how long they can use it. iKydz can be used on multiple devices, including mobile phones, laptops, xbox, tablet etc.

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• Filter content
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